Fort Lauderdale, Florida's Norka Martinez

Norka Martinez

A Venezuelan native, Norka Martinez studied international business in France. After seeing a life-changing Ricky Martin concert in Monaco, she decided to pursue her lifelong passion for music and pop performance. Norka Martinez’s repertoire encompasses musical styles that range from modern Latin pop to rock and R&B.

Over the course of her musical career, Norka Martinez has opened for the successful Mexican band Camila and sang in the official presentation of the 2011 Miss Venezuela candidates as part of the show "Sabado Sensacional". Famed Cuban-American musician and producer Emilio Estefan produced her first album, Milagros, in 2012.

In 2013, Ms. Martinez joined forces with Mr. Estefan once again to coproduce the television reality show Si Se Puede, an adaptation of the American hit The Biggest Loser. She also sang Si Se Puede’s theme song.

Norka’s artistic career has been full of triumphs, achievements, longings but also professional and personal challenges. During her career and upturn as singer, Norka had to bear the effect generated by any health problem, in her particular case caused by Epilepsy. However, Norka has been a natural fighter and has successfully overcome this episode of her life successfully, thanks to her spirit and the team of doctors and specialists at the Cleveland Clinic who accompanied her during the most difficult times. Nowadays, Norka has dedicated herself to providing emotional and educational support to people who are suffering from this difficult disease and the disorders caused by mental diseases.